Market research helps formulate a strategy to suit the market you are interested in. You need to look at market size, segments and intelligence about the competition before moving into a new market. KVM Research will help you do just that.

It is a research consultancy owned and managed by Knud Møller, Cand. Geom.; MA (Geography); Dip TP; Dip Man; FRSS; ECCCE (East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise); FSB (Federation of Small Businesses). It is a ground breaking trends and research consultancy specialising in statistical research, information provision, background analysis and surveys for your business plan and strategic decisions.

KVM Research works with a network of professionals who are called upon if and when necessary. Survey data are integrated with observational insights to create a perspective on the consumer trends that shape your business and deliver the final product on time and within budget.

The ‘Services’ pages give more details of the methodology.

The ‘Reports’ pages show examples of finished products. Why not contact us to discuss your requirements on email A report will be done for you to your specifications and it will be owned by you upon payment of an agreed fee that is guaranteed to be very competitive.

Through his work with his large property databases Knud has acquired a knowledge and understanding of the property market in North Staffs and Cheshire East that is outstanding. His real time statistics are very insightful when talking about the local housing market and very useful when we have aligned them to the mortgage business we do locally.

Rob Hassall · Hanley Economic Building Society

General Research Reports

  • Macclesfield Town FC
  • Quote for Breath of Life
  • Population flows v4
  • Research Jobs 2000-07
  • Slug Report 2001
  • Study of Migration
  • Abbreviations
  • Locational Differences

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