It was the 15th of March 2020 when I first read the six points of how to survive a lockdown:

  1. Plan your days;
  2. Turn down the stream of news;
  3. Stop your train of thought when negativity becomes free-wheeling;
  4. Use social media to keep in touch with the wider world;
  5. Sleep well for long enough every night;
  6. Talk about that – and then something else.

My plan from that day became writing these essays and my thoughts are reflected in their content.

I was shocked by the speed by which authorities were able to introduce policies, which we the freewheeling, freedom loving generation of the post WWII era, thought would never see the light of day.

Fear had begun to spread around the world about a virus dubbed COVID-19 and I decided to look into the world of viruses. These essays are not meant to be scholarly works of research, but to describe a journey of discovery through the world of viruses including COVID-19.